Elementary Facts Associated With Veneers And Dentists’ Recommendations Towards The Treatment

It is a myth that veneers are only used for fixing cavities or else broken teeth, whereas the truth is that it is a dental treatment which is also for the improvement of healthy looking teeth along with the fixing. Front surface of the teeth is the applicable region when it comes to this dental treatment. Veneers change the shape, spacing, color and angle of the teeth which makes it look better. Therefore, it is recommended by the medical experts to go for it so that you can smile heartily as it is a confidence builder.

Veneers And The Types

Veneers can be defined as the thin shells attached to the front surface of teeth and mainly these are made of composite resin or porcelain. In medical point of view, it has been stated that when it comes to strength, Porcelain veneers are much stronger than that of the composite rein veneers as they don’t change the color of your teeth and leave no stain as well.

Veneers Are Not For Everybody

When it comes to the perfect candidate for veneers, the recommendations of the dentists have a vital role in this sort of treatment. When, the candidate has problems, like- tooth decay or gum disease or else other periodontal diseases, the issues must be taken care of first. In case of a person with little enamel left on the teeth, veneer is not at all recommended. A person with habits of grinding or clenching that is called bruxism is not allowed for this treatment as it breaks the porcelain veneers.

More About Veneers

People with veneers are suggested to brush as well as floss their teeth on a daily basis like their natural teeth. It is an important fact to keep in mind that once the veneers are attached, there is no going back or reverse treatment due to the removal of enamel. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that veneers come under cosmetic dental treatments which are not covered by the dental plan so you have to be responsible for the entire costs.