Teeth Whitening

The Complete Process Of Teeth Whitening And Why You Should Go For I

Teeth whitening is the cosmetic dental procedures that are performed to lighten the teeth as well as remove discoloration and stains. This dental procedure helps to improve the look of your teeth but it is not at all a onetime procedure as it is not permanent. The procedure involves lighting the natural color of the teeth with the help of scattering as well as reflection of the light from the enamel with the combined effect of the color of dentin. With this process, the pellicle or the thin coating present on enamel that picks up the stain is removed. Therefore, teeth whitening are widely recommended by the dentists especially for the people who use tobacco or having a habit of drinking coffee, red wine, etc. The surface stains get effective removed with the process and during teeth whitening; cavities are also taken care of because of the possible problems associated with passing the materials through the decayed areas.
Various teeth whitening systems along with other products are used for this purpose which includes- over-the-counter gels, whitening products recommended by the dentists, whitening toothpastes, trays, gels, and rinses. People with yellow tones on the teeth respond effectively towards this cosmetic procedure. However, you should consult the regulated dental professionals for this procedure, like- dental therapists, dental hygienists, etc.
During the several visits, the dental professional takes the impression of teeth so that a proper mouth guard can be given to you and then bleaching gel will be used for the specified time period and the treatment period continues for at least one week. In case of laser whitening or power whitening, the dentist paints your teeth with the use of bleaching product and then the laser system shines on the teeth so that whitening process can be activated. This process takes nearly an hour, and if you have any sort of gum diseases or other tooth related disease, you should first consult with your dentist before going for teeth whitening.