Digital X-Rays

Everything To Know About Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital X-ray is known as the latest technology of digital radiography which is utilized by the dentists to take x-rays of your teeth. Here, the technique involves capturing and storing digital images with the help of electronic sensor in place of the x-ray film. Dentists and other dental hygienist can view as well as enlarge the images instantly so that the problems can be detected easily. The digital x-rays actually reduce the radiation up to 80 to 90% and that’s why it is well-known as a low radiation digital radiography technique with very low exposure to radiation in contrast to the traditional dental x-rays.

Importance Of Digital X-Rays

Valuable information about the undetectable problems in the regular dental exam can be acquired with the help of low radiation dental x-rays. Therefore, this involves many essential, diagnostic as well as preventive tools to detect the dental abnormalities that are hidden and then accurate treatment plan is taken into account.

Is This Technique Safe?

The only bottom line of fact here is that the dental problems can be detected as well as treated at a very early stage which can save your teeth as well as save your money, time as well as from the unnecessary discomfort. Digital X-rays generate a very lower level of radiation, and the process is quite faster as well as comfortable. Here, the digital images are generated and then captured electronically and there is no disposal of chemicals or else any sort of harmful wastes. With this technology, the dentists take numerous precautions, like- shielding the body of a patient with the help of lead apron so that exposure of patients towards the radiation can be minimized and therefore it is considered as a totally safe diagnostic process.
The regularity of digital x-rays can be determined by the dental health needs of a patient, and it should be done from the standpoint of the recommendations and reviews by the dentists as well as the medical and dental history of the person.